Sales of nereus winter tyres soar in 2023!

 With the increase in winter tyre production capacity in 2023, sales of winter tyre series such as NS805+, NS806, NS808, and NS809 have soared, covering Europe, North America, Central Asia, and South America, becoming the main operating market for winter tyres. This heralds the continued growth of the winter tyre market.

Winter tyres are essential equipment for driving in cold climates. They provide excellent road holding and handling performance, providing a safe and efficient driving experience. As car ownership increases in countries with cold climates, there is an increasing demand for winter tyres. The popularity of winter tyres not only promotes driving safety, but also brings huge business opportunities to related industries.

In short, in 2023, the sales of NS805+, NS806, NS808, NS809 and other series of tires will surge. I am delighted with the performance improvement and market recognition of these excellent products. With winter tyre sales surging in 2023, strong growth will continue in 2024.