Our company's sedan tires have passed INMETRO certification!

 INMETRO is the national body in Brazil, which rigorously tests and certifies the quality, safety, and environmental performance of products. We are pleased to announce that our sedan tires have successfully obtained INMETRO certification, and we have multiple brands available for sale that have received this certification.

INMETRO certification is an important symbol that demonstrates our products comply with the technical specifications and requirements set by the Brazilian government. These specifications and requirements are based on international standards, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards in terms of quality, performance, and safety.

Our company is committed to providing high-quality sedan tires to meet the driving needs in both urban and rural areas. Through INMETRO certification, our products have undergone a series of rigorous experiments and tests, including tests on wear resistance, skid resistance, burst resistance, and cold and hot performances. These tests ensure that our tires perform well in various complex road conditions and can maintain a long service life.

In addition to the INMETRO-certified tires, we also offer other brands that have obtained this certification. This means we can provide customers with more choices to meet their different needs and preferences. Whether customers prioritize comfort, durability, performance, or affordability, our sedan tires can offer the best solutions.